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Straight Jacket Heroes is restructuring!

It has become apparent to the Founding members and Officers that we have become lax in our duties to one another as league members. After much thought and discussion we have decided that we need to breathe new life into the league. The following is a list of changes that we will be enforcing in the very near future. This list is intended as a mission statement to improve the strength and reliability of our league and it's members. It is not intended as a scare tactic, but instead, as a wake up call that we feel is much needed.

     1.0 Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!
          1.1 If you group with someone not in SJH and they are a.) a good player, and b.) unaffiliated, ask them to join.
          1.2 Recruit new players! A lvl 3 is still a player. with a broad range of levels there will be more to do and more players in similar level ranges to help each other and remove a bit of the work load from our core group of players.
     2.0 Register! All members will be required to register on both Facebook and on this Website.
          2.1 By registering we can keep an accurate account of everyone's MAIN and ALT characters. This will aid us in knowing who is on and which character they are currently using.
          2.2 All Alt Characters will be required to have the letters ALT next to their rank in the roster. This means that if you have multiple characters you must choose one to call your main.
     3.0 HELP!!! It is expected of every single member to help other members with leveling, questing, and Raiding.
          3.1 What this means is that helping is a condition of membership. We all joined a league to get help so please understand that in order to get help you must also give help. Bottom line, we are not here to play your character for you. If you do not get help immediately do not take it personally, just play the game and you will receive help when someone is available.
          3.2 If you need help...SPEAK UP!!! We are not telepathic. feel free to ask for help at any time.
          3.3 Make yourself available to help others. There is obviously a give and take here so give and take equally!
     4.0 Harassment will NOT be tolerated in any form! DCUO is a game and as such we are here to have fun.
          4.1 We are not a dating service. Do not harass members of a different sex, race religion, or sexual orientation in any way.
          4.2 If you feel that you have been harassed your first of action is to confront the person in a calm manner and ask them to stop. If the actions/comments continue please contact a league officer and we will do our best to handle the situation quickly and quietly.
     5.0 HAVE FUN!!! As stated before, DCUO is a game and we are here to escape the drama and the pains of the daily grind. Relax and have fun!
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Wyckid One, Sep 16, 11 12:20 AM.
SJH now has a villain side sister league called StraightJacket Syndicate! anyone with a villain who wants to join see Abyss or Dark Assault. If anyone wants to create a villain feel free to do so and join our ranks! as soon as more members have lvl 30 Villains we will start raiding on that side of the house as well. Bring your Straight Jackets cuz it's bound to get a lil crazy when the gloves of law and order come off and give way to the unadulterated joy of total anarchy!


Wyckid One, Sep 15, 11 11:50 PM.
Now that Fortress of Solitude is manageable again we will be putting it back into our weekly raid schedule. This is thanks to DARK ASSAULT and Solar Wind and all of their dedication to studying different techniques for success and all of our members working hard and remaining diligent. Thanks to all of you and I hope to see you all on the battlefield soon.

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Dark Assault, Jun 9, 11 8:11 PM.
StraightJacketHeroes is a laid back raiding league on the Justice server for DC Universe Online. We are serious about raiding and game progression but go about attaining our goals in a lighthearted manner. Jokes and puns fly frequently here and if you are thick skinned enough you just might survive your first days in the padded rooms of SJH.
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